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"Why the hell are you always running in costumes"? 

The answer is: I have a reason. A reason that I believe in. A reason that makes me run. The most important person in my life, my mom, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. And at the same time she is the loveliest, craziest and most sensitive person in the world. She believes in me, cheers me on, waits at finish lines and is my best friend.

Some time ago I decided to start a small fundraising page to support the research of MS. It truly means a lot to me – I deeply appreciate every contribution. Check it out here.


Besides fundraising, I run with blind athletes and marathoners with Achilles. What is Achilles?

I discovered them some years ago in New York City and it’s an absolutely awesome non-profit organization bringing together guides and athletes with disabilities. To be honest – it was the best thing what could have happened to me and my running story . I really enjoy having a great company on long runs and learned so much about running, training and people in general. Go check them out!

You also want to be a guide runner? Achilles is available in many countries and cities, just check their website. And if not? I am sure they are happy to open up new spots!

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